1) Meet with  the person  and their family

Have a telephone conversation about how we work  
One to one meeting
Meet with a group of parents

2) Spend time getting to know their hopes and dreams

Spend some time getting to know the person and what their interest,  hopes and dreams 
Exploring the resources they have available
What is working and not working for them at this time.

3) Develope a plan using tools like Maps/Path/ support plan

Facilitate the devleopment of a support circle
Explore what rescources the support circle have to offer at a facilitated circle meeting
Develop a plan using all the information gathered 

4) Research and cost  what is available

Finalise and discuss changes to the plan
Indiviudals commit to the support they are offering (unpaid support)
Finalise the paid support needed
Set a date for final support plan meeting

5) Research final support plan

Facilitiate another circle meeting in order to finalise the cost of implementing of the support plan
Facilitiate the development of  individual resposiblities to ensure the continuation of support circle and plan
Faciliate the implemeation of putting the plan into action
Set a date for a review meeting approximately one month from start date.