Our newest Video; All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come. Victor Hugo


  ‘Living self directed lives – doing it our way’

the lived experience of the individuals we are working with.  

individuals we are working with have chosen to leave the traditional disability
services that were available to them, because they felt it was not meeting
their needs. Their lives have changed as a result of having access to their HSE
funding allocation and with the support of their families, circle of support,
and being able to employ a direct support worker.  This video will show
the lived experience of the group we are working with and how life has changed
for them as a result of having a more self directed approach to the supports
they require.

click here for photo of launch here

The possibilitiesplus team had a very
enjoyable Video launch in the Merrion Hotel, Upper Merrion square, on 18thof
September. We would like to congratulate Helena, Sheena, Patrick and Shane for
showing how life has changed for them, once they received their individualised
funding. Many thanks also to their families and circle’s of support and to all
who attended the launch on the day. 

This Video was produced with the help and support of Fionnathan Productions:

Website; www.fionnathan.com    contact; Fionnathan.Productions@gmail.com

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